Retrieving Latest Data instantly in REST APIs for Maximo

Maximo’s NextGenREST OSLC API(s) are very powerful tools but fetching data when data amount is high can be challenging especially when latest data needs to be fetched from Maximo instantly.

Let’s take an example. If any new person record has been added to Maximo and we want to get a newly added person record in API, then fetching complete person data again and again may cause a timeout issue.

In order to solve this issue additional parameters can be used with Maximo’s OSLC APIs which fetches newly updated/added data.

For example if we want to fetch last updated/created PERSON record from Maximo we pass fetchdeltamode parameter in API to get the rowstamp of last updated record by passing parameter fetchdeltamode=1 which will give the last rowstamp value in response headers.

This maxrowstamp value is the rowstamp of last/recently added/updated person’s record, which can be used as a parameter value to get the record added/updated after last person’s record.

For example Maxrowstamp value which we got in headers will be passed as value of key lastfetchts ex:- lastfetchts=328672265 which will give all the records after rowstamp 328672265 in API response.

If no record has been added/updated in the PERSON object then the response will be empty and no maxrowstamp will be available in the headers as the passed maxrowstamp will be the latest maxrowstamp.


Simon Santiago

IBM Maximo Consultant

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