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Enterprises across the globe engineer their assets into work, energy and systems that facilitate the lives of millions. Watch how EAM360 helps asset-intensive enterprises operate assets safely, ensure compliance and achieve operational efficiency to maximize the value they deliver.

Mobile app suite for Maximo

EAM360 Technician

Allows technicians to tackle WO’s, SR’s and log data directly from the field, even in the remotest locations. Switches from offline to online with full data integrity without the need of manual intervention.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
Mobile Solutions for Maximo

EAM360 Storekeeper

Removes the need for manual and mundane inventory work. Switch to a reliable and efficient app that helps you easily perform stores activities with seamless data synchronization.

EAM360 Manager

Eliminates long hours reviewing PO’s, PR’s and invoices and more—you can navigate and approve transactions within seconds through a couple of taps to access and communicate data to a secure and centralized source of truth.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo

Key Capabilities of EAM360

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
Offline Capabilities

Automatically shift between online & offline modes, import large amounts of master data & sync background data seamlessly.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
Integrated Mapping

Use ESRI maps to view feature layers, assets & locations. Create WO's or SR's, plan travel routes using Google maps and more.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
Scans Codes & Tags

Scan Barcodes, QR codes, and RFID tags to display contextual data based on asset, location, or item numbers to users.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
Attach multimedia

Attach different types of files, from plain text notes to larger documents, images, audio, videos, and annotated maps.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
Peripherals, IoT & AI/ML

Integrate with Bluetooth beacons, NFC readers, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth printers, sensors etc., and leverage image recognition using AI/ML.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
User-specific configurations

End users can customize the user interface according to their needs–such as hiding certain sections, rearranging UI elements and more.

Why EAM360 Maximo Mobile App?


Successful implementations

100% success rate with a simplified app featuring intuitive navigations familiar to iOS & Android users.


Superior Performance

Built with Kotlin & Swift for superior performance, patent pending for rapid synchronization of millions of data.


Flexible Architecture

No intermediate servers are needed. Supports both Cloud & on-premise installations of Maximo or MAS.


Total Security

Data is encrypted on storage & transfer. It also robustly supports multiple authentication protocols.


Limitless Integrations

Powerful integrations with ESRI & Google maps, Trimble GNSS devices, Beacons, Sensors & RFID scanners.



With successful implementation records & flexible pricing, it offers the lowest TCO you’ll find in the market.

Joining forces with

A suite of applications that is integrated with multiple powerful applications for maximum value

Our Key Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mobile Solutions for Maximo

Brian S.

Sr. Project Manager - Utilities   |   Used the software for: 1-2 years

"Deploying EAM360 in a mid-sized water utility"

Flexibility to meet our needs. They aren't just an off the shelf product, but rather can configure to meet specific needs. They were also very willing to work with us to understand those needs.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo

Michael G.

Project Manager - Utilities   |   Used the software for: 2+ years

"The user-friendly mobile app for Maximo."

EAM360 helps to simplify the Maximo experience. The app has many great features to help the Technician and engineers in the field to update the work details and also managers to provide approvals from their mobile devices.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo

Debra G.

Sr. Utilities Business Analyst - Utilities   |   Used the software for: 2+ years

City of Henderson
"EAM360 Storekeeper"

As mentioned above, the app accounts for our main mobile inventory functions of receiving, issuing/transferring, and cycle counting Items. We have benefited from being able to perform these functions in real-time. Also, the developer is customer-focused and immediately acts upon issue resolution and enhancement requests.

Featured Blogs

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
  • Retrieve data instantly in Maximo

Retrieve data instantly in Maximo

Additional parameters can be used with Maximo’s OSLC APIs for fetching newly updated/added data when data amount is high from Maximo instantly.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
  • Maximo EAM VS MAS Suite

Maximo EAM VS MAS Suite

Maximo Application Suite (MAS) is a hot topic. Get an overview of what is going to be changed and what is going to remain same when users upgrade to MAS.

Mobile Solutions for Maximo
  • PrintQR Codes Quickly

Print QR Codes Quickly

Maximo mobile apps such as EAM360 allow storeroom personnel to print QR codes quickly & easily for all items received in a purchase order with single click.


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