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Waiting for long hours to receive spare items for carrying out work orders can be challenging for technicians. Thus, bringing in a lot of downtime for the assets in a plant.

EAM360, a mobile application, has been exclusively built for asset management. It has best in standard solutions to minimize work order downtime. Implement EAM360 Mobile App to your business model and streamline the process of material requisition to a great extent. Engineers, technicians, supervisors, laborers, and people in similar roles can place material requests from anywhere- either from a remote location or on the go.

Current Challenges

Let’s consider a situation, when a technician or an engineer needs to request for a material to perform the work order assigned to them. And, there is no user-friendly mobile app to request materials right at the work order location on time. Due to this, the workers have to wait during their work hours for the requested material to reach at the location or else they have to come back some other day when all the materials are ready for use. This creates a lose-lose situation for the workers and the end user, who is awaiting for the work order to be completed. If this happens regularly, it will create a serious problem, and will downgrade the efficiency of the entire business.

Solutions offered

EAM360 Mobile app for IBM Maximo helps to optimize asset management with its inbuilt Request Material solutions for all your Work Orders.

While you initiate the material requests against WOs using the EAM360 Technician app, the process of issuing the goods/materials will be completed using the EAM360 Storekeeper app.

How to request material using EAM360?

Unlike the web-based request material feature, EAM360 offers you the next gen mobile solutions for initiating material requisition right from any location. This involves a simple procedure which can be easily carried out by everyone.

Please find the following simple steps to initiate the request and receive material using EAM360 mobile app.

First of all, in the WO To-Do List page, tap on the WO assigned to you; the EAM360 Technician app will display the WO Details page.

  • In this page, horizontally scroll and tap on the Materials tab.
  • In the Materials Tab, tap on the Report Material button. The app will display the Report Material page.
  • In this page, tap on the Item number lookup field, which displays the Materials section page. In the Materials page, the app displays all the items available in the storerooms that are associated with the logged in user’s default site. The app is always in sync with Maximo and hence gives you the up-to-date material information on this page.
  • Tap on the Refresh icon on this page to do a manual refresh of all the items. To list the items that pertain to a Storeroom, tap on the Filter icon and select the desired storeroom. In this page, you can search items by entering relevant keywords or scan using the item’s barcode of QR code. Using this feature, you can also see the available inventory balance of each item listed.
  • Select the desired item number from the Material page, once chosen the app displays the Storeroom name and options to enter the item quantity and the Bin/Lot details.
  • Once done, the app creates a material reservation with a unique number (MR #) against the WO.
  • In the EAM360 Storekeeper mobile app’s Goods Issue module, the storekeeper is notified of the material reservation created against the MR#.
  • Based on the availability of the item in the Storeroom, the storekeeper can issue the materials to the requested person using the Goods Issue module.

As the material requisition process is made so simple and less time consuming, the technician or the workers can carry out the WO without any further delay.

Benefits of EAM360’s Material Request Feature

Here are few notable benefits one can get out of EAM360’s material request feature:

  • WOs delay or postponement due to material unavailability becomes unlikely with EAM360’s MR request.
  • Both Technician and Storekeeper can work together to carry out the material request process.
  • The technician/engineer/laborer can work effectively and complete the work as per plan.
  • The technician at the WO location need not search extensively for the item needed. The Storekeeper who handles the stocks can take care of that part.
  • The technician can create one or more MR# against a single WO.
  • The material request can be made from any location at any point of time unlike other web-based solutions, which requires to be grounded in order to carry out the same.
  • Even when you are not connected to the internet, you can still request material, which is not possible with the web-based solutions. However, the request will be notified to the Storekeeper when you are back online.

Empower your technicians and laborers to perform meaningful tasks by using EAM360’s Request Material feature. This comes as an inbuilt feature of the fully functional mobile-based EAM360 asset management software. To know more about the Material Request feature, schedule a live demo with our EAM experts today!!

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