MAS 8 for next-gen asset management

Maximo Manage

Intelligent Asset Management to reduce downtime and cut costs

Maximo Monitor

Monitor and detect anomalies powered by AI

Maximo Health

360 View of Assets through IoT data, asset records and work history

Maximo Predict

Predict failures, downtime and more to improve reliability

Maximo Visual Inspection

Insights powered through computer vision AI

Maximo Assist

Prescriptive assistance for technicians on field

Our services/solutions

Upgrades & Consulting

As your partner in growth, let us help you unlock MAS 8 full potential through our comprehensive range of Upgrades and Consulting services. Together, we can navigate the challenging MAS landscape starting from licensing, to deployment including cloud hosting and achieve remarkable success.

Connected Assets (MAS Monitor)

By leveraging MAS Monitor, businesses can achieve enhanced operational efficiency, improved asset reliability, cost savings, and new improvement opportunities. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs, design tailored solutions, and ensure seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Smart Assets (MAS Health & Predict)

Partnering with us for Maximo Health and Predict implementation allows organizations to benefit from industry-leading asset management capabilities and advanced predictive analytics, ultimately delivering better patient care and achieving operational excellence.

Next gen mobile for next-gen Maximo (EAM360)

Partner with us to start the journey of EAM360 mobile app for Maximo that is built on cutting-edge technologies to address not just the current requirements but ready to adapt future opportunities and possibilities in this fast-changing technology world.

MAS 8 meets mobility to streamline asset operations end-to-end

Next-gen Assets are smarter and more sophisticated. With the latest features of Maximo Application Suite, you empower your technicians to leverage advanced technology

Collect and analyze data on all types of assets

Improve operations through better asset availability, reliability and utilization

Extend the useful life of all assets or equipment

Improve return on investment and defer new purchases

Unify processes across multiple sites

Maximo demystified for asset-intensive enterprises

Migrate to MAS 8 to maximize Maximo for your enterprise