How the EAM360 Mobile application is assisting organizations with asset management during COVID

We have always had the necessity for enterprise asset management from a mobile. The pandemic is just a wake up call.

There is nothing like a crisis, to realise the need to take care of our enterprise assets. Be it The Year 2000, or 2001 Tech bubble or Covid19, which had sent millions of workers to their home with restrictions and limited access to their workplace.

As industries adjust to the new realities of working, many seek methods to minimise face-to-face interactions as much as possible. However, for manufacturers who make products in factories and plants, the story has been altogether different. So, how do you maintain social distancing norms and pandemic related compliance in a busy plant? It obviously involves a clever mix of strategies and policies that includes wearing safety suits, reorganization of work areas, wearing masks, continuous work timing shifts, and more.

One of the keys to success is helping critical workers do as much work as possible offsite, thus, reducing their time on site. And, one area where industries have scored a winning point is with Mobile Asset Management. It helps technicians, supervisors monitor, maintain their assets, and track inventories from afar.

The management and maintenance life cycle is a vital cog for asset management, for every related process to be associated with a mobile application, the benefits are obvious.

Our EAM360 mobile app for Maximo is an integrated mobile platform to help you view asset history, inventory details and ensure PM compliance. Using it, users can perform work management transactions such as updating work actions, shift hand-over logs, and view maintenance works from the field. As a result, managers, supervisors and technicians can coordinate work orders across departments, which will create greater impact on efficiency, cost in the production process and ensure maximum uptime- all from your mobile device from anywhere at any time.

Instead of collecting endless work orders and submitting work completion forms manually, you can just tap into the maintenance execution system to monitor asset health on devices; helping you to go paperless. The notifications and alerts can make technicians aware of the SR’s/WO’s that need to be addressed. The mobile app can capture all the relevant data about the maintenance and provide accurate information to technicians. This means less time to resolve issues. Also, technicians can quickly find any materials/tools if needed, directly from the mobile app. If the work to be performed is challenging, or the technician is new to the job, detailed work instructions and even photos and videos can help deliver the information required for the Job. And after work is completed, all the work actuals are updated to the CMMS system automatically.

From digitizing maintenance, management and streamlining the processes to predictive maintenance situations, EAM360 delivers a clear path for organizations looking to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in critical areas of industrial operations. A move towards systematic asset maintenance using a mobile application will be a smart move for your business. In return, you can optimize technician performance, increase RoI for machines, boost asset uptime & stay informed, empowered, and safe.

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